Let me illustrate.

Have you designed the interior of a new home or hotel lobby, and your client needs that stunning visual to buy into it? Perhaps you've got an idea for a product that's too costly to prototype, in your search for an investor? Maybe you've thrown your hands up at your poor photo re-toucher's valiant efforts to convincingly make it look like the elephant is at the mall. Let me help.

It's a design thing.

Move it.

Today a designer has had their hand in almost everything we see and touch. They can be an odd group. Things that keep them up at night might be questions like "is the juice carton looking too much like milk?", or "I wonder if the engineers will let me add another tower to the bridge?" In this area you'll find some of the things that keep me up at night.

The storyboard for the ad says "then the hero pick-up truck crashes through the stone wall without a scratch". Say "no" to faux stone walls! Allow me to quote a CG animated alternative for you.


Your logo is beautiful, now how about adding some motion? Let's talk.

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